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The purpose of air vent duct cleaning is not only to remove the dirt but also the sources of air contamination. When air ventilations are not maintained and kept clean, there builds up dust particles, pollen, molds and other debris contaminate, and unknowingly we or the people living under it, inhale the contaminated pollen air that are released from the vents and the corners, and get badly effected.

Another major problem of not using services air vent duct cleaning New York cleaning is that, when the vents and the chimneys arent cleaned and maintained, lint, oil, and wax build up and pose a fire hazard. For the society to know or be aware about these domestic dirt problems, which may initially seem a boring mar, there are professionals like air vent duct cleaning New York which come to service at the door step for the air ducts, dryer vents, and sweep the chimneys. This consistent cleaning basis is very important.

The air vent duct cleaning New York benefits the service holders in few manners as mentioned below:

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a)Helps relieving possible allergy suffering which are air born

b)Eliminates possible health hazards – the acute sufferings apart from asthma, may be many skin diseases

c)When there are oils and dirt accumulated in corners like the metals, it breaks, sometimes due to these reasons, the wood of the house gets effected, mainly the window pans and the doors where termites may effect. The New York air duct cleaning helps to a large extent in bringing down the damage to fewer break downs, and helping the extra shelling on maintenance cost.

d)It also helps in reducing the heating and the cooling cost

e)Over all, the air duct cleaning helps in providing a cleaner living environment.

According to the cleaning codes of ethics of air vent duct cleaning New York, their power pact vacuum removes not only the dirts but the sources of air contamination, throughout the entire heating, ventilation and air conditioning system. Air duct cleaning is only the method for the removal of sources of air contamination. The air vent duct cleaning New York is endorsed by the National Air Duct Cleaning Association, since there is absolutely no usage of any types of CHEMICALS during the cleaning process.

The air vent duct cleaning New York makes one thing clear which may not be in the knowledge of any new customers or beginner service holders. Many companies implement the process of air duct cleaning with the help of a truck, mounted by a vacuum or a rotary brush system. The truck mounted is normally far from the air handler and the rotary brush uses a 2 inch hose, which means the whole machine carries a lower vacuum power. The air vent duct cleaning New York on the other hand also uses truck, but low raise trucks, with side hose tucked and the vacuum cleaner used possess 8 12 inch hoses. This produces a vacuum that is five times greater.

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